DigiPix is 3D Animation, Video Production, Website Design & Development company with passion for perfection in quality and customer service. Our focus is to build and maintain long lasting relationships with our clients. We are not only a part of your business development and growth, but we also take ownership of your success and ensure that it stays with you throughout your business endeavors.

DigiPix 3D Animation Samples

Transform 2D plans into 3D

Remarkable way to show your clients and buyers how the upcoming project will look like in basic to photorealistic 3D Animation.

Astigmatism – Eye Animation

Patient’s education is an important part of medical practice. Often hard to explain some of the parts inside body without 3D Video.

DigiPix Services

Web Design & Development

Having a well-designed website in the information age is an essential part of boosting your business to the next level.

Video & Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we say a video says it all. Everything leads to the image of your business.

Internet Marketing & SEO

Website design is only the first step for your online ladder of success. You need proper SEO, SMO & Paid Ads.

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Our 3D Animation portfolio is in 4k with crisp quality


Tell your story with professional video that people share


Custom website designs, easier to use & mobile friendly


Let the good photo do it’s job by defining your product online

Website Design & Internet Marketing

Professionally designed website is an essential tool for your online presence and marketing needs. Without a professional looking website, businesses and search engines do not take your image seriously.

Once you have a website, you market it with your products and services on the internet. This includes making search engine friendly pages and optimizing it in a way that your site appears in the first ten search results by Google or any other search engine. The more hits you get on your site, the better chance it will reach the masses.

You can also run different campaigns on the internet to boost your sales revenue. Social media marketing is an essential part of creating sales online. On the web it is important to market your products and services to increase website traffic. With the help of connectivity between people, social networking enables you to market your products so that they reach out to new customers. Read More here.

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