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We are passionate and collaborative eye care professionals that have the vision to provide excellence in vision care and remarkable experiences. From years of education and experience, we constantly focus on providing eye care in an environment that everyone trusts and loves to be. Our collaboration has empowered us to focus on exceeding expectations with the help of our core values (Trust, Teamwork, Commitment, Communication and Innovation). Our motto is “Together, we can make a difference”.

DigiPixInc eye trust networkWe understand the importance of trust and believe in our core values that support it. If you are looking for a reliable, personable, and trusted eye care professional that offers excellence in vision care and remarkable experiences, you’re in luck. We appreciate all our valued patients as you help us grow and improve. Thank you for supporting us.


Our Optometrists and eye care professionals provide excellence in vision care, remarkable experiences, trusted and personal eye care. As a collaborative community, our network of eye care professionals uses the group’s available resources to build and grow their clinics. This helps our eyeTrust Network clinics improve, prosper and grow to provide the best care to their patients. Together, we can make a difference.


DigiPixInc eye trust networkThe Kodak Lens Vision Centres uses advanced lens technology to help patients See the Colours of Life. The experienced Optometrists and staff focus on providing a personalized and unique experience to exceed all of your visual needs. Their full service Optometry and Optical centre is equipped with all the latest technologies to offer comprehensive eye health exams for the entire family. They have a great selection of eyewear packages with transparent pricing, contact lenses and nutraceuticals. Every day enjoy rich, crisp, and vibrant colour vision with Kodak Lenses, a brand you know and trust.

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