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DigiPixInc Web DesignA professionally designed website in the new business and technology era is an essential part of boosting your business to the next level. A website not only gives an online presence to your business, but it also markets your products, services and brand. We can also help you market yourself as an individual based on what you do as a freelance resource.

Web applications and E-commerce development helps manage your business process and sell your products respectively. With the help of the internet, you can access your applications under secure connections and monitor your business activities from virtually anywhere. Selling your product online is expected in this era. Boost your sales and increase your revenue with E-Commerce solutions and Cloud Computing.

A company website is a critical part of the business and marketing professionals at DigiPix understand how important your image is to you. Why not trust your design to us? Our developers use the latest programming techniques to build you a website that is fully functional, up-to-date and 100% customized as well as mobile friendly.

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Website Design & Development

All businesses need a website regardless of their size. Web designing can be an easy or complex process based on the client’s individual needs. These may vary according to client’s objectives, their target market or audience, and other specific aspects. At DigiPix, we study the clients to analyze and evaluate their online presence and that of their competitors before developing their web site. Afterwards, we show our clients static samples of the functional website to give an understanding on how it will look after completion. DigiPix are professional web developers that take care of minutest details to personalize with customer specifications. Clients can count on us for one-on-one editing every step of the way.

WordPress Sites

WordPress sites are very popular for Blog writing, but they do more than Blog these days such as e-commerce site to restaurant websites. DigiPix is the expert in WordPress development. Whatever your schedule or deadline, we provide excellent quality and service to accommodate your needs. From quick turn-around times for last-minute tasks to jobs that require more planning, we’ve got you covered! Click here to see Website Portfolio.

E-Commerce Website Design

Join the revolution that is online business and revenue. DigiPix is committed to strengthening your online corporate image to secure the utmost benefits of e-commerce. We continuously interact with our clients throughout the process to synchronize our creativity with their needs. Reach more people than flyers, newspapers and radio ads by bringing them to your online store. Click here to see Website Portfolio.

Content Management System

CMS (Content Management System) is the way to connect your offline database with your online website. Businesses can input information online which can be visible to customers or only employees with secure access. This eliminates sending messages back and forth, keeping the information central and up to date for the whole team. DigiPix supports WordPress platform to bring quality CMS experience to our clients. Click here to see Website Portfolio.

Content Writing

Quality content of your website is the backbone of your brand’s personality. DigiPix writes unique and original content for your website so that its search engine rating is higher. Google does not only look for relevant content but also the innovation of that content. By having quality content your website distinguishes itself from the competition.

Hosting Services

Our goal is to provide clients with the best hosting service available so that your work remains online 24/7 with contingencies in place. We make a regular backup of your website content and database to make sure nothing is lost in site update or server error. Based on the request, we offer shared, VPS (virtual private server) and dedicated hosting.

Web Redesign

Redesigning a website is much more economical than developing a website. The client presents potential changes over time after the main layout is completed. We are experts in locating problems, fixing the design and coding the site properly according to the client’s needs within the given time frame and budget. Click here to see Webdesign Portfolio.

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