DigiPixInc Technology whats up with businesses using whatsapp calling
BBC New corporation is using WhatsApp for their news update

Gone are the days where news outlets are giving fax numbers to receive information. With the advancements of internet and smart phones with high speed wireless data, it is easier than ever to share information on the go while it is happening. BBC World News introduced for the first time WhatsApp as a contact number on its news service in February 2015.

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Why use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is most popular for its App to App calling, text messaging, picture and audio sharing. A small amount of businesses are starting to see the potential to connect their consumers via communication Apps, like WhatsApp or Viber vs traditional calling or email. Most important, WhatsApp is free for iOS, Android, Windows Phones and Symbian. With real time messaging capabilities, it is no wonder it is the world’s best messaging App.

BBC News is first News media outlet (at the time of writing) to utilize a Mobile App to connect with people globally. It is a major shift in communication with news agencies from non-traditional methods of phone and emails. For developing stories, it is remarkable to have the communication from the local people who cannot make long distance calls or don’t have access to emails. Scroll down on the “Greek debt” news article by BBC News here

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DigiPixInc Technology whats up with businesses using whatsapp calling
BBC is asking people to give them news update on the ground

It is an undeniable fact that someone doesn’t have a mobile phone these days. People use to hesitate giving away their mobile numbers 10 years ago, but with new privacy laws implemented in Canada, you can now give your mobile # relatively worry free. Also with the advancement of mobile Apps like WhatsApp and Viber it is easier to contact other people or simply ignore them.

On January 18, 2016 WhatsApp announce to remove yearly fee restrictions for using App and keeping it Ad Free. This is huge jump for this popular mobile App. with Chrome browser extension on desktop so you can send and receive messages from your desktop computer at work or home.

It is the new wave of connecting businesses & news agencies with the public. The only question is who gets their hands on this technology to get the benefits first. DigiPix Inc. also welcome users to contact us using WhatsApp and Facebook message on our website DigiPixinc.com.

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